B-Ball Tats

B-Ball Tats by Swissipino

A basketball tattooed, etched and burned in beautiful typography


One-of-a-Kind, Custom-Designed Basketballs.
100% Hand-Tattoed in Brooklyn, NY.

Tribute to NYC Hoops

This is my tribute to New York City and the players that made it the mecca of basketball. Growing up, I was inspired and motivated by the talent, skill and style of these legendary hoopers.

The Bronx All Stars

Featured players: Nate Archibald, Jamal Mashburn, Rod Strickland, Kemba Walker, Kevin Loughery, Dolph Schayes, and Malik Sealy.

Brooklyn's Finest

Featured players: Bernard King, World B. Free, Lenny Wilkens, Rolando Blackman, Vinnie Johnson, Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson, Roger Brown, John Salley, Billy Cunningham, George Thompson, Connie Hawkins, Sam Perkins, Stephon Marbury, Jackie Jackson, James Williams, Albert King and Sidney Green.

Kings from Queens

Featured players: Anthony Mason, Kenny Anderson, Lamar Odom, Brian Winters, Kenny Smith, Bob Cousy, Ron Artest, Rafer Alston and John Roche.

Manhattan Royalty

Featured players: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Pee Wee Kirkland, Satch Sanders, Earl Manigault, Dean Meminger, Charlie Scott, Walter Berry, Dick McGuire, Joe Hammond, and Herman Knowings.



a.k.a. Mark Burger, is the inventor/originator of B-Ball Tats - an idea born from a life centered around hoops and art.

Swissipino is a former college and pro basketball coach, as well as a streetball lifer.

He’s also a graphic designer, photographer, painter and digital artist.

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B-Ball Tats are personal and meaningful works of art, like traditional tattoos. Swissipino creates B-Ball Tats for people to commemorate their love for the game, their accomplishments and/or their life story.

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All photos I appear in by Vladislav Borimsky.
All photos of basketballs only by
Fernanda Kock.